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Jodi Bernstein

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Jodi's Tips 

Do you inspire your team? The success of your business depends on your ability to inspire your team, says Jodi Bernstein, principal of VIP Topics, a corporate training firm, based in Corona Del Mar.  She says it is difficult for employees to remain inspired all day everyday. Here are her tips on how to: Inspire Your Team

  1. Start the day with a BANG! A daily pep talk will wake your team. An inspirational meeting in the morning is a great way to start the day. It should consist of a story or activity that is fun and empowering. Keep it brief, 10 minutes is all you need to excite them. Imagine a horse race. The horses and jockeys are in the starting gates. They are anxiously awaiting the starting sound; BANG…and they are off!
  2. Squirrels hide nuts for future use. Incentives stimulate action. Begin by setting specific and measurable goals. Be creative when designing contests. Make sure to include everyone; do not forget the receptionist and the porter. Tell team members there will be a prize for the winners. The reward does not need be extravagant. Your goal is to build a company culture that inspires people. Do as a squirrel does, hide incentives.
  3. Man’s best friend. Why do dogs wag their tails? Because they are happy and excited. You do not have a tail. Your voice is the key. Speak with enthusiasm and passion. It may feel unnatural at first. To get started, offer an enthusiasm award at work. An enthusiasm contest will lift spirits and inspire positive attitudes.
  4. Bees, honey and vinegar. Do you believe you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar? Employee evaluations can be a challenge for managers. Encouragement is the honey of evaluations. You will see employees improve dramatically if you can master the honey technique. Use honey to inspire.
  5. Oil your feathers. Before a duck enters water, it spreads oil on its feathers, produced by a gland in its tail. This preparation helps it to float without absorbing water. What is your preparation technique? Do you have an inspiration gland? Before meeting with employees, get ready to inspire. Read something inspirational or call someone who inspires you. Be positive and enthusiastic about new projects and incentive games. Remember you are the coach and your team depends on you for inspiration. Always, oil your feathers before floating into meetings

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